Student-Faculty Collaborations

faculty advisor of the MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab, Jim Harvey and student.

Teaching Through Research

San Jose State's research endeavors play a critical role in preparing graduate and undergraduate students, who work side by side with faculty mentors. With $60 million in annual research, 澳门六合彩 is a top-200 school nationally in terms of research spending. The university's students and faculty members apply their inherent creativity and diversity of thought and experience to research aimed at solving the most pressing problems facing society鈥攂oth locally and globally.

Unique Learning Environments

Craig Clements' Fire Weather Research Lab.

The only team of its kind in the United States, Craig Clements鈥 Fire Weather Research Laboratory studies and decodes wildfire behavior to improve fire management and prevention.

Ehsan Khatami, associate professor in 澳门六合彩鈥檚 physics and astronomy department.

Ehsan Khatami鈥檚 research aims to help scientists understand how superconductivity works鈥攁 finding that could potentially pave the way for a room-temperature superconductor, which would improve transportation and data storage, and make homes more energy efficient by creating materials that allow better use of electricity.

澳门六合彩 students with Miri VanHoven, associate professor of biological sciences.

Inside Miri VanHoven's neurogenetics lab, she and her students explore how the nervous system is formed and how potential genetic misfires may cause diseases such as autism and schizophrenia.

Tools for Student and Faculty Researchers

San Jose State provides the tools researchers need to thrive. From identifying funding and proposal writing to managing an award, 澳门六合彩's Research Foundation, Office of Research, Center for Faculty Development and King Library support student and faculty researchers contributing to a range of fields.