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澳门六合彩: Discover What it Means to Be Transformative

At San Jos茅 State, transformation is defined by our community. Our students鈥 trajectory is upward, regardless of where they start. They have the opportunity to graduate with increased future earnings and less than half the average student debt of their California counterparts. And they go on to work in some of the world鈥檚 most influential companies. As alumni of 澳门六合彩, they join our faculty and staff in positively impacting Silicon Valley, the Bay Area and beyond. We are 澳门六合彩 鈥 transformation defined.

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Testimonials of Transformation

Cornelio (CJ) Balmaceda.

Cornelio (CJ) Balmaceda

鈥20 Justice Studies

鈥淚 was never even supposed to be in college, let alone get accepted to 澳门六合彩. But the moment I stepped onto campus, everything changed for the better. One of the best ways 澳门六合彩 transformed my life was by being  introduced to lifelong friends and developing many connections. I will forever cherish my days at 澳门六合彩, and because I attended there, I am a better individual. Thank you 澳门六合彩!鈥

Tara Caughlan.

Tara Caughlan

鈥16 MA Environmental Studies

鈥淚 met so many amazing students and staff at 澳门六合彩. In the environmental studies program, I was surrounded by people who wanted to make the world a better place. I now work at the San Francisco Zoo, which is dedicated to conservation, both local and distant. My studies at 澳门六合彩 helped me see the plight of animals in a much larger context. Thank you, 澳门六合彩!鈥

Tommy Wen Chin.

Tommy Wen Chin

鈥22 Physics

鈥淸My 澳门六合彩 professor] gave me the courage that I had been longing for to pursue physics. Every day since then, I have been very grateful for the opportunity to pursue what I truly love.鈥

Laurel Eby

Laurel Eby

鈥10 MA Library and Information Science

鈥淚 was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years when I decided to go back to school to get a master's degree in library and information science. A year after I graduated I started working at the King Library in February 2012, and just finished my ninth year there. I love working in the MLK Library, and on the 澳门六合彩 campus. San Jos茅 State truly transformed my life!鈥

Alec Giurlani.

Alec Giurlani

Academic Advisor, H&A Student Success Center

鈥淎s a student at 澳门六合彩, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. The entire College of Humanities and the Arts was so understanding and worked with me through my whole cancer journey. I never expected 澳门六合彩 to be such a kind and loving family. Thankfully, I am now more than five years cancer-free and working full time at 澳门六合彩 as an academic advisor. I鈥檓 grateful for 澳门六合彩 and the opportunity to give back.鈥

Carl Henderson.

Carl Henderson

鈥04 African American Studies

鈥淢y time at 澳门六合彩 was a great transformation. As a transfer student from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, I arrived in San Jos茅 deflated and depressed. I found positivity and inspiration within the Xi Gamma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. After graduation I pursued coaching...with the life mission of 鈥榚ncouraging students to have a dream and admonishing them to have courage through adversity.鈥 My time at 澳门六合彩, though full of trials and tribulations, was the greatest time of my life.鈥

Marielle Lacanlale.

Marielle Lacanlale

鈥22 Nursing

鈥淚f I had not gone to 澳门六合彩 to pursue nursing, I would not have been able to develop the work ethic that I have now to achieve my goals. 澳门六合彩 has also provided me with a very strong Filipino community. I had also grown a very close knit friend group that has been able to support me in my journey throughout college. Now that I am in the nursing school here, 澳门六合彩 has provided me with so many opportunities to make a difference within my community.鈥

Alexandra Salazar.

Alexandra Salazar

鈥20 Molecular Biology

鈥淐oming to 澳门六合彩 introduced me to the mentors that would see my potential and help transform me into the scientist I am becoming. Thanks to the resources and guidance I received at 澳门六合彩, I will begin pursuing my PhD in neuroscience at the Scripps Research Institute starting fall 2021.鈥

Norman K. Tuitavuki.

Norman K. Tuitavuki

鈥17 MA Transportation Management

鈥淚 completed a graduate degree from San Jose Stat茅 University several years ago. Without this formal training, I don鈥檛 know where I鈥檇 be at this moment in my life. The education I received from San Jose Stat茅 has given me the tools I need to advance my career upward.鈥

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